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  A BBC season marking the centenary of Dylan Thomas' birth


S t e p h e n    H a r t  - director of photography in Cardiff

Stephen Hart is a lighting cameraman in Wales.  Based in Cardiff, Stephen has over 26 years experience in broadcasting and has worked on award winning documentaries for many of the worlds most respected broadcasters, channels like National Geographic, History, BBC, Sky and Discovery.

With an innovative attitude he produces outstanding camerawork, creating stylish and captivating photography every time, quickly and within schedule. His lighting skills make him stand out from the crowd. Whether he's lighting a simple 'talking head' interview or a grand orchestral/choral  piece in a cathedral, he will create the right mood for any production.

“wow!! That is an absolutely beautiful series of shots.... Another wow! I can’t believe this shot composition. This is one of the best action sequences I’ve seen in a documentary".... History Channel

Stephen Hart CameramanNational Geographic CameramanStephen Hart Cameramanstephen hart cameramandyn camera s4/cstephen hart cameramanStephen Hart cameramanStephen Hart cameraman   Discovery TLC


His work has been admired and applauded by channel executives both in Europe and in the US. Stephen is conditioned to working under pressure and in the most hostile of environments using all major digital formats. Having shot in every corner of the world he is a seasoned traveller.

Stephen is committed to pushing the visual boundary, embracing new technologies and techniques and he uses them in all aspects of his work - drama, documentary, commercials and corporate. Whatever the project, Stephen will lead the way to making it look great.